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Whether it's goulash or broth, velouté or gazpacho, making soup in your Thermomix® is effortless. Simply add your favourite garnishes to finish it off!

Soup for every occasion

Which soup are you in the mood for?

Soup is an incredibly versatile dish. Firstly, it can make a great starter as part of a multi-course meal, stimulating the appetite without lying heavy on the stomach. For a more filling dish, thick, hearty lentil or meat stews make a satisfying main when accompanied by dumplings or crusty bread. In the winter, soups made from root vegetables celebrate the best of seasonal produce, and during the warmer months, a cool gazpacho or vichyssoise are refreshing and light.

Smooth, velvety soups

Hearty, filling soups

6 tips for making your own soups

With Thermomix®, making soup has never been so easy:

1) Chop vegetables for a few seconds on speed 4 or 5, depending on whether you'll be blending the soup or keeping it chunky.

2) Sauté the chopped vegetables in a little oil or butter to release the flavours.

3) Cook in broth or water. With precise temperature control, it will never boil over.

4) Steam meat, fish, extra vegetables or dumplings in the Varoma while the soup cooks, to add at the end or for another part of the meal. Learn more about multi-level cooking here.

5) To thicken your soup, add a small quantity of potatoes or rice, or ground pulses such as chickpeas (no soaking is needed, simply grind into flour in your Thermomix®).

6) Blend to a smooth, velvety finish (Thermomix® is famous for its powerful blending!) or keep it chunky if you'd prefer.

Keep in mind: when you blend hot liquids, increase the speed gradually to avoid sudden splashing.

If you’re new to making soups in Thermomix®, learn the basics with these two classic recipes:

Your soup, your way

There are so many ways to add extra flavour and texture to your soup. Try adding a swirl of cream, drizzling over extra virgin olive oil, or sprinkling with fresh chopped herbs or spring onions. You can also add a spoonful of pesto or a little grated Parmesan. For extra crunch, oven-toasted croutons are easy to make from bread rubbed with garlic, dried herbs and olive oil. Toasted pumpkin seeds, fresh sugarsnap peas and pan-fried bacon also make fantastic toppings.

Take your soup to the next level with delicious toppings

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