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With lots of extra family time, get your kids involved in chocolate making, dough baking and egg decorating! Take it easy, relax, and enjoy each other's company at home.

Extra special Easter starters

Chocolate Tips

With chocolate filling the shelves at this time of year, why not experiment with some chocolate recipes in your own home? Read on to discover our expert tips for working with everyone’s favourite indulgent ingredient!

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Celebrate with spring lamb

Delicious Easter main dishes

The Easter holiday menu changes from region to region and country to country. But some traditions are shared by many cultures. For instance, fish is a classic for dinner on Good Friday. Try baking a whole fish, poaching fillets, shaping into patties or pan-fried with a simple seasoning. Lamb with all the trimmings may be your family's choice for Easter Sunday, but ham and chicken are also popular. Whether you are planning a traditional multi-course menu, with classic celebration dishes, or you'd prefer a more casual menu of nibbles and sharing dishes, you'll find what you need on Cookidoo®.

Salmon with Broccoli, Rice and Dill Sauce

Salmon with Broccoli, Rice and Dill Sauce

Pork Fillet with Red Wine Sauce and Vegetables

Pork Fillet with Red Wine Sauce and Vegetables

Steamed turbot and mixed vegetable parcels

Steamed turbot and mixed vegetable parcels

Cranberry and Camembert stuffed chicken

Cranberry and Camembert stuffed chicken

5 ways to celebrate Easter with Thermomix®

  • Drinks for the whole family
    Serve a jug of Strawberry Lemonade to quench your thirst.

  • Easter Treats
    For Easter Egg hunt snacks, make these Mini Egg Cupcakes.

  • Serving lamb?
    Try this classic British Mint Sauce for a delicious and traditional accompaniment.

  • Easy Easter sauces
    You can rely on Hollandaise Sauce to work every time with Thermomix®.

  • Perfectly cooked eggs
    Eggs and Thermomix® go so well together. Read this article for tips on how to cook perfect eggs.

Enjoy a meat-free Easter

Make-ahead favourites

Rich yeast dough is easy with Thermomix®

Sweet, rich yeast dough pastries, such as milk bread and brioche, are popular at Easter. But how can you ensure great results? It's important to know that the butter, sugar and eggs in rich doughs can inhibit the fermentation of the yeast, and cause the dough to rise more slowly. The skill is in the kneading! With Thermomix®, the powerful kneading action makes this easy, developing gluten in even the most buttery doughs. The most important thing to remember? Don't rush the proving: sweet, fluffy celebration bread is worth the wait.

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