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Come with us on a journey across India where the cuisine is as varied as the climate and as exotic as the cities. Find dishes infused with fragrant, zesty and warm Indian spices that will bring the heady aromas and piquant flavours of a bustling Mumbai street market or delicious Delhi food stand to life in your kitchen on Cookidoo®.

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Using freshly ground fragrant spices is one of the easiest ways to transform an everyday dish into something truly exquisite. They add wonderful new dimensions in flavour and aroma to your food and drinks. Deliver a delicious spicy kick to a steaming mug of hot chocolate with a dash of chilli and a hint of aromatic cinnamon. The options are endless as well as exciting!

How to grind spices

Classic Indian dishes

The finishing touches

Delicious traditional desserts

Explore A Taste of India

From a creamy curry to a big flavoured Balti, creating an authentic Indian feast is simple when you have a Thermomix®.

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