7 New Year’s traditions

Traditions and rituals differ from country to country, and in many of them, food plays a central role! In Japan, noodle soup brings longevity, in Italy lentils bring wealth, and in Turkey pomegranates bring abundance! Discover the meaning of the foods we eat for New Year's and create your own New Year’s menu!

1. Italy celebrates with lentils

In Italy, one of the traditional dishes enjoyed for New Year’s is cotechino e lenticchie (sausage with lentils). Lentils are considered symbols of good fortune and prosperity due to their resemblance to coins, and therefore cannot be missed at the dining table!

Lentils for good fortune

2. Pomegranates in Turkey

In Turkey, the pomegranate reigns on New Year's Eve - a symbol of abundance and fertility for the new year. Common practices include opening a pomegranate at midnight, or even throwing them on the ground at the front door of houses so that the seeds can spread and bring good fortune.

Pomegranates for a fertile and abundant year

3. Suckling pig on the Austrian table

On New Year's Eve, it is tradition for Austrians to serve “good luck” at the table with a delicious roasted suckling pig. It is also common to decorate the table with small pigs made out of marzipan, chocolate, cookie dough or other sweets.

Lucky pork

4. Noodles promise longevity in Japan

In Japan, there is a tradition of eating soba - buckwheat noodles - at midnight. The tradition says that the long strands of dough symbolize longevity and the passage from one year to the next. As these noodles are easy to cut, they also represent detachment from the past year.

Our Japanese favourites

5. Onions on doorsteps in Greece

Considered a symbol of growth and rebirth, onions are part of the New Year's tradition in Greece. Onions are hung above the front door and removed the next morning.

Cruising through the Greek Islands

6. Tamales in Mexico

On Mexican New Year's tables, it is common to have tamales - a corn dough stuffed with meat, cheese and other ingredients, which are wrapped in a corn husk or banana leaf. The tamales are often served with menudo - a typical soup made with tripe that is said to help cure hangovers.

¡Hola, México!

7. Rice pudding in Sweden and Norway

In Sweden and Norway, there is never a lack of rice pudding on the New Year's table. There is a custom of hiding an almond in the pudding, and the person that finds the almond is blessed with 12 months of good luck in the new year.

The many flavours of rice pudding

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