Reinventing Christmas

This year, get creative with Christmas and turn it into a cosy family affair without compromising on the festive spirit of the holiday season. Why not turn the usual big party with family and friends into a few individual small dinners or gatherings? Start new traditions and spread the spirit over several days. Get inspired by our 6 small Christmas party ideas!

1. Festive brunch ideas

2. Host a creative Christmas lunch

Around Christmas, everyone has a fridge full of leftovers! Rather than making more food for your gathering, ask everyone to get creative and bring something made out of leftovers!

3. Zero-waste Christmas

8 gifts to make with kids

Start the Christmas gifting season with Thermomix®. Let's invite the little ones to the kitchen and prepare the best gifts ever. Gifts for friends, teachers, grandparents ... there's something for everyone!

Start creating

Bookmark your favourite Christmas baked goods and invite your guests to make them with you! Turn on the festive tunes, grab your Christmas sweaters and start baking!

5. Host a bake-a-thon

6. Afternoon tea treats

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