What's your cooking style?

Whether you've just made scrambled eggs for the first time or you're whipping up elegant, restaurant-quality dishes at the weekend, we've got recipes that will challenge, inspire and delight you.

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What's your cooking style?

The beginner: sauté … bain-marie … what on earth do these words mean? You're at the start of your cooking journey; leaving ready-meals behind and getting to grips with the basics. Guided Cooking is the best invention ever!

The busy cook: you need quick and easy recipes with no fuss. You'd like healthy meals that will feed your family with minimal effort and in minimal time.
The traditionalist: nothing beats your Grandmother's food! You feel more confident with traditional, family recipes, and you're happy to cook the same meals often.

The creative chef: recipes were meant to be modified. You know what works, and Cookidoo® helps to inspire your own dishes. It’s all about experimenting and adding a personal touch.

The adventurer: you love to test exotic recipes and try new flavours! Cooking is a way to travel around the world and discover exciting new cuisines from the comfort of your own home.

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Travel the world from your kitchen

TM6 Modes

Regardless of your cooking style, Thermomix® TM6 modes will transform the way you cook. These automated functions handle specific tasks for you, so you don't have to worry about them. You can discover fantastic new techniques like sous-vide, and modes such as Slow Cooking can simply make your daily routine easier.

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