Back to School Meal Prep

Organisation and planning are key for a smooth return to the school routine after the holidays. Spend a few hours on the weekend or on weeknights designing menus, making shopping lists and preparing meals for the following days. Start meal prepping for a stress-free back to school!

Nutritious grab and go breakfasts

Quick tips for organising breakfast

Freeze a big batch of homemade waffles! Easily toast and serve before school! • Make individual portions of your homemade granola and yogurt, and serve with fresh fruit • Set the breakfast table before you go to bed!

Creative food for the lunch room!

Mix and match

Burritos and fajitas are a great well-balanced lunch option, and the filling possibilities are endless! Prep different fillings in advance, or even make use of those tasty leftovers! Watch the video to get inspired.

Make ahead healthy snacks that will give you and the little ones an energy boost!

Play with colours

Make kids lunches more appealing by taking advantage of the natural colours of everyday ingredients. Prepare colourful snacks in small portions and in different shapes and sizes. Bento boxes are a great way to display different lunchbox elements!
Some ideas to add colour to lunches are :
•carrot sticks
•sliced fruit
•cherry tomatoes with cheese squares
•dried fruit

Ready to go dinners

Meal Prep & Batch Cooking

Learn all about preparing your weekly meals in advance!

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