Fish: gentle cooking is best!

With their fragile flesh, Thermomix® is perfect for fish. Controlled temperature, perfect timing, steam cooking in the simmering basket or Varoma ... there are so many advantages for fish like salmon, cod, trout or monkfish, whether you’re using the TM31, TM5 or TM6.

“En papillote”: parcels are a classic for fish

The Varoma dish and tray are excellent for fish parcels. You simply need fish fillets of your choice, baking paper, a few daily seasonings like pepper or creative flavours like lemongrass, and a fat of choice like olive oil or coconut oil … Then simply start steaming!

A new feature of your TM6, sous-vide cooking, allows you to prepare your fish with precision. Placed in a vacuum-sealed pouch, the fish is gently cooked at a controlled temperature to retain its nutrients, preserve its fragile texture and release all of its flavours and aromas. Thermomix® and fish go hand in hand. It’s up to you to try out all the possibilities on offer.

Sous-vide mode: thorough cooking of fish and sides

Marinated fish: endless possibilities

Use your Thermomix® to make a marinade in no time. Pour it over your fish and set off on a journey of flavours.

Marinade ideas

Other possibilities with your Thermomix®

Reverse mode: the Thermomix® reverse mode allows certain fish to be cooked in sauce. However, this works better with firm varieties such as monkfish, and you should cut the fish into large pieces.

High temperature mode (TM6): fancy sautéing salmon in a little vegetable oil? Perfect for fish cooked to perfection – the perfect accompaniment for pasta with cheese or cream, for example.

Blend! Fancy a spread or casserole? Easily blend fish in your Thermomix®.

Recipes from around the world

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