20 Must-try fish dishes

From freshwater to salt water, our seas and lakes provide us with an array of delicious and versatile fish! Explore our selection of recipes that will take your tastebuds on a world tour: from whole fish, to fillets, to oven baked or stewed ... there are many flavours to discover!

5 Tips for cooking fish

1 - One secret for success is to avoid overcooking fish so that it doesn't dry out! The flesh of the fish should easily separate into layers.

2 - Fish is very delicate, so gentler cooking methods are ideal.

3 - With Thermomix® you can choose the perfect temperature and cooking time, as well as use sous-vide or steam cooking techniques for mouth-watering results! Try the Sous vide salmon with avocado cream recipe.

4 - The more delicate the fish, the less time it needs to marinate. Read our fish marinades and sauces article.

5 - If using frozen fish, defrost it by placing it in a draining container in the refrigerator.

Take your dinner to the next level

Baked to perfection

Easy everyday fish dinners

From skin to fin - using the whole fish

Head - fish heads, bones and skin are perfect for making fish stock. You can also use the head in fish soups or boiled and served with the rest of the fish.

Whole loins - are great cooked in the oven with a breading of herbs or dried fruit, or wrapped in puff pastry. Cod and salmon loins are a great choice.

Slices - are great for stews, boiling or grilling.

Fillets - are very versatile and perfect for children as they are boneless. In addition to frying, they are very good steamed, in papilote or in the oven.

Whole fish - ideal for grilling or roasting in the oven. For a more creative recipe you can cook them in a salt crust (plain or seasoned with spices and fresh herbs) or in bread dough.

Fragrant soups

Fat fish and lean fish

Fatty fish such as mackerel, trout, salmon, tuna and sardines are very rich in omega-3, a fatty acid that is beneficial for health. These oily fish are great grilled or seared. Lean fish such as hake, bream, croaker or swordfish are ideal for steaming, baking or stewing.

Fish in disguise