Food Trends in 2020

Sharing good food, meeting our new neighbours over food, making environmentally friendly choices, and focusing on nutrition and health are strong themes for 2020. Read on to find recipes to cook more of what you love.

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Consciously Consuming

There is a growing demand for sustainably sourced ingredients. We want to make the environmentally-friendly choice. Be a changemaker - make your version of bought products, choose dried ingredients over canned, and ask questions about the supply chain of ingredients.

Homemade staples

Sharing good food

All around us, individuals and communities are on the move and with them they bring new flavours and traditions. By sharing their culture and gathering over good food they can find a common language through food, giving rise to a wave of new fusion recipes.

Fusion recipes

Balanced Eating

In 2020, our nutrition knowledge is growing. We aim for precise tuning of our health. Probiotics, live bacteria yoghurt and fermented products are of interest as they improve gut health. Fresh ginger, turmeric and garlic are popular immune boosting choices.

Homemade yogurt recipes


Flexitarian is the new norm. We want to eat less red meat and are actively excluding it from our diets. Many make a point of having a regular meat free day each week. Read our article to see how to use non-dairy milk in recipes, and make your own in Thermomix®.

Cooking with non-dairy milks

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Healthy choices for 2020