Flexitarian Flavours

The flexitarian diet is a flexible alternative to a vegetarian diet. Whether you’re a meat lover, a flexitarian, or are curious about flexitarian cooking – give our latest recipes a try! Delicious flavours for flexible people!

Give Your Menu a Makeover with a Flexitarian Diet

The Flexitarian lifestyle has been growing in popularity because it gives you more flexibility to enjoy the foods you love in moderation while still maintaining a healthy diet. The idea is to focus mainly on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and nuts, but you can still occasionally indulge in that craving for a steak or roasted chicken. By consuming less animal products, you’ll reap the benefits of living well without overly restricting yourself, and with your trusty Thermomix®, it’s easy to whip up plant-based foods that are packed with flavour.

A Balanced Breakfast

Start the day off right with energizing dishes and drinks that will amp up the antioxidants and keep you satisfied till lunch!

Levelling Up for Lunch

Fend off the midday slump with lunchtime options that are beneficial but never boring.

Main Courses You’ll Crave

Skipping the meat doesn’t mean skimping on taste, so seek out these mouth-watering meals for a hearty yet healthy dinner any night of the week.

Wholesome Snacking

When those cravings hit, rather than reaching for processed foods or sugary snacks, treat yourself to some of these nutritious noshes.

The guiding principles of a Flexitarian lifestyle

• Eat mostly fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains • Focus on proteins from plants instead of animals • Only incorporate meat products occasionally • Always opt for the least processed, most natural form of foods • Limit the amount of sugar and sweets you consume

Our Favourite Flexitarian Collection