Scarily delicious Halloween recipes

Why not prepare frightfully fun recipes for your Halloween celebrations? Your special guests cannot miss out on the spooky treats, pumpkin specialties, scary movie snacks and the creative cocktails! Celebrate Halloween with Cookidoo®.

Surpise guests with the spookiest of treats

Planning a Halloween party?

Check out our 5 party tips:

• Turn tiramisu into a zombie cemetery. Use wooden sticks to make crosses and drizzle raspberry sauce for an extra creepy effect
• Make blood red cocktails and mocktails and serve with spooky eyeballs! Stuff lycees with blueberries and let them float in the drinks.
• What term describes the fear of Halloween? Prepare some Halloween trivia! (Hint: Samhainophobia)
• Fill a jar with homemade Halloween candies. Make guests guess how many candies are in the jar. The lucky winner gets to take them home!
• Place water in a food-safe plastic glove. Freeze. Enjoy a creepy punch bowl surprise!

Get creepily creative with candy

Fire up the cauldron

Take advantage of the autumn harvest and prepare nutritious and comforting recipes before and after indulging in Halloween sweets and treats! Pumpkins are an excellent source of Vitamin A and C, and they easily blend in with the Halloween celebrations!

Tips for using pumpkins

Pumpkin dishes from the cauldron

Halloween isn’t only for the kids!

Snacks for scary movie nights