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Cookidoo® Kids

Time to Become a Certified Little Chef!

Welcome, little chefs! Your journey starts here! Pick a delicious recipe, follow along, and become a chef for the day!

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  • Summer Brunch

    There’s no better way to celebrate friendship than a bright and sunny brunch. From pancakes to eggs and everything in between, find your bliss - and the best recipes! - with Cookidoo®.

    Let's brunch!
  • 20 Must-Try Ice Creams

    Explore the best ice cream parlor of the summer - Cookidoo®! Whatever your flavor, whatever your style - we'll help you beat the heat with our delicious suggestions and tips for ice creams and sorbets.

    Cup or cone?
  • Summer Picnics

    Sunshine, long days, and warm summer air…the perfect weather to enjoy food outdoors. Check out our recipe suggestions for beach days, picnics, and road trips!

    Enjoy the Outdoors
  • Everyday Summer Meals

    Summer is the season of fresh air, backyard barbecues and cold refreshing drinks, eaten al fresco with friends. Discover favourite summer recipes and meal ideas here.

    Get inspired
  • Cooking with Chicken

    Chicken is such a versatile, lean meat. Discover ways to perk up your poultry recipes here.

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  • Picture-Perfect Cakes!

    Find tips and tricks for making and decorating cakes with Thermomix®.

    Start Baking
  • Check out the new blade cover!

    Innovation never stops at Thermomix®. The blade cover is our newest accessory, covering the blades of the Thermomix® mixing knife to allow for even heat distribution and gentle cooking - perfect for Slow Cook and Sous-vide modes!

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