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Your table is always scaling up and down - from Sunday lunch table to school day table, from birthday table to working late table. If your table is constantly adapting, your favourite recipes should adapt, too! Because your table, your way.

My table, my way

Introducing: Scaled recipes on Cookidoo®. A new feature allowing you to adapt your recipe servings so that you can cook for the right number of people sitting at your table.

One feature, 2 possibilities

Tested serving sizes: The most cooked and loved Cookidoo® recipes now come with multiple serving size options, all Thermomix® success guaranteed! These serving size options have all been expertly tested in our recipe development kitchens around the globe.

Automatically adapted serving sizes: If you’re a creative cook who can’t find the serving size you were looking for, no need to worry! Our new automatically adapted serving sizes feature utilising Created recipes opens a whole new window of possibilities, and servings! Please note: We only guarantee the success of recipes that have been 100% created and tested by us.

Well, that scaled quickly.

On the recipe detail page, you can now click on the serving size button to see what serving size options are available for your favourite Cookidoo® recipes.

A serving size you can count on. Literally.

The most cooked and loved Cookidoo® recipes now come in several serving size options. These serving sizes have been expertly tested and have the Thermomix® success guarantee stamp. We call these “Tested serving sizes” and you can find them on the Cookidoo® website and on your Thermomix® TM6.

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Your way, our assistance.

If you can’t find the serving size you are looking for, easily use our auto-scale technology to create a serving size that works for you, no math required! We call these “Automatically adapted serving sizes” and these recipes are saved into Created recipes and are no longer tested Thermomix® recipes, so be cautious when adapting and cooking these recipes. Further edit and personalise these recipes right inside Created recipes!

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How can I get started?

Watch our video on the tutorial space to learn how to use this feature to adapt serving sizes and save them to Created recipes.


Where can I find serving sizes?

On the recipe detail page, click on the “serving size” button to see your scaling options. Find answers to all your Scaling questions on the HelpCentre.