Meet Spanish Community Star – Francisco del Brio

Francisco is a member of the international Thermomix® Community Stars program. He is a very active social media user and Thermomix® lover. Read his interview below to get some great tips on Spanish cuisine and Cookidoo®!

1. What are the most common spices used in Spanish cooking?
They are many different spices used in different regions of Spain. You can easily find the same recipe prepared in different ways depending on the geographical area, even within the same province! Some of the most common spices for main dishes include: garlic, pepper, paprika, bay leaves, oregano, saffron and cumin. In sweets and pastries, cinnamon, star anise and cloves are essential.

2. What traditional recipes can you find on Cookidoo® Spain?
Cookidoo® is full of traditional Spanish recipes! Some of the most well-known recipes include the Spanish tortilla, gazpacho, paella and different types of Spanish stews.

3. What is your favourite Cookidoo® recipe?

Only one recipe? It's hard to choose just one … But I think I'll stick with the salmorejo, a cold soup with a tomato base! The emulsion and texture that you get with Thermomix® is simply perfect!

4. How has your life changed since you started using Thermomix®?
I've always liked cooking and I've felt very comfortable with pots and pans. When I first got a Thermomix® I only used it for simple recipes, but as time went on, I got inspired by more advanced recipes and learned to incorporate Thermomix® into my daily life.

My pots and pans have now been put on the back burner! Thermomix® offers spectacular flavours and textures that are difficult to achieve with other appliances. It is the perfect sous-chef for the preparation of doughs, pastries and cakes. I often steam vegetables, potatoes and fish with my Varoma so I can enjoy low-calorie dishes with all of their nutrients intact.

Thermomix® came into my life seven years ago, and it is here to stay!

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