Guided Cooking frees your mind!

The pre-dinner rush

Dinner time. Your family is home from school and work, everyone’s hungry and they’re all asking when dinner will be ready. You’re simultaneously trying to hear about their respective days and answer questions about yours, all while following a recipe in a book. It’s tricky to balance reconnecting with your family and preparing a meal that everyone will enjoy, without missing an ingredient or a step. And this is just a simple weeknight meal! What about stepping out of your comfort zone and experimenting with new cuisines and ingredients? The likelihood of you doing this becomes less and less as you juggle the demands of modern life.

Your go-to recipes

You may have a few recipes in your repertoire that have become second nature to you. Perhaps you can carry on a conversation with ease while making your signature pasta sauce or pizza dough. Your hands and brain have developed the muscle memory to make the recipe on autopilot; you don’t need to double-check quantities or instructions because you’ve memorised them.

Similarly, an experienced cook can take one look at a recipe to get the general idea and then, like a professional musician, improvise on the theme without missing a beat.

But what if you aren’t such a proficient cook? What if you’d simply love to have the confidence to try new and challenging recipes, without chasing everyone out of your kitchen?

Let us help you multi-task

Preparing Cookidoo® recipes with your Thermomix® is a new way of cooking. With innovative Guided Cooking functionality, you can multi-task to your heart’s content. Whether you’d like to concentrate on a podcast while you cook, chat with your family, or sip a glass of wine with friends, following the step-by-step onscreen instructions and letting Thermomix® do the work means all this becomes possible. Your assistant in the kitchen will make sure your recipe turns out perfectly, even if you get interrupted by a good story! So, pick a recipe from Cookidoo®, gather your ingredients, and enjoy both the cooking process and the company in the kitchen.